Feet Facts

  • It takes about 18 years for a child’s foot to fully develop.
  • A baby’s foot will grow faster during the first 3 years than at any other time. 
  • A baby’s foot arch does not develop until age 2/3 years
  • 70% of foot problems are caused by the wrong footwear or ill-fitting shoes, and the majority of these were caused during their childhood. 
  • At birth, a foot contains 22 bones - by school age this rises to 45
  • Over the next 13-14 years, these bones will fuse together to create the 26 bones that make up the adult foot.
  • Every year the average person walks 2,500 miles, which is the equivalent of walking from Newquay, Cornwall to Inverness, Scotland, there and back (twice!)
  • Children take in excess of 15,000 steps per day! 

It is therefore very important to recognise that a child’s shoes need to be well-fitted and supportive, not just in the early years but until full development. 

Look after them, because we do! :)